Nude Beach
Mar 2019





This project centers on the color study of the phrase: Nude Beach. In response to the satirical tone of the phrase, the final design is, in contrast, three minimalistic and poetic sets of cuboids. The three interactive sets are each constituted out of four layers of colors, reflecting various interpretations of the humorous phrase. As one is deconstructing a themed set, the change in the words, labeled on each layer, indicates certain related shifts in time, depth or scenery.


There are four structures shown right: the protruding knobs on the sides, and the top surface vary from case to case.The mockups are meant to marry each top surface pattern with the corresponding rhythm the side knobs create.

The final three sets are all based on the structural mockup shown on the right. This original structure was designed to differentiate itself from conventional box mockups and deliberately confuse the audience. In this case, people would have a prolonged experience with the poetic themes and subtle colors.

For instance, one of the asymmetrical flat designs is matched with the unaligned positioning of the knobs.