May 2021





Logogromo is a serif text face inspired by the written language “heptapods” used in Stories of Your Life by Ted Chiang, which was later adapted into the film, Arrival (dir. Denis Villeneuve). The typeface name sounds much rounder and less recognizable than the original language name “logogram,” which fits right into the overall design. The typeface conveys eccentricity while appearing “soft to the touch”, almost like the feeling of fluid. When set in denser paragraphs, the bulge on the shoulder forges the illusion of characters melting together. The letterforms have no continuous straight lines in their stems nor their serifs, referring to the linguistic concept of non-linear narrative. Though the character’s stems appear straight in smaller weight text blocks, they intentionally inherit a slight pinch in the middle for a smooth look. The turning points, for example, vertex or apex, have no sharp edges, signaling the emotional monologue/flashback from Louise, about her daughter Hannah.