Deserted Space
Oct 2019





This collaborative project with Xinman Jiangand Summer Zheng started with each of the three members’ personal visual exploration on an abandoned site and ended with this game set.​ At the first stage, each person developed five mappings.

Here are my personal ones. As the right two mappings shows, the site is a deserted space full of construction materials and dried leaves. The primary mapping on the left uses historical geographic map in conjunction with the site’s current state.


For further interpretation on the site, the group chose to incorporate objects found within the area to create an encrypted narrative of three fictional characters in the form of a board game.


Players would be expected to follow the patterns (on both the imagery and the template) and the quotes on the template, and then to match each image with the assigned narrative. For each matched image, players would gain a better understanding of the characters and their life stories.


My role in the designing process was to develop an overall visual system for each character and their respective position on the template. I also helped in creating the narratives for the characters.